Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hey there! My name is Antoné, aka your favorite Fit-Sis.

I do A LOT on the day-to-day! Artist Management, Freelance PR and Brand work, Creative consulting, Project management, community work, facilitating my church’s zoom meetings (lol) and everything in between to keep up with myself, my brands and the content I need! I literally do IT ALL! 

I share not to brag, but to let you know that you can do it all too! I want to share my secrets with you because you too can do any and everything you want. It’s just about balance. Life's a JOURNEY! I’m here to remind you that your best self doesn’t happen overnight, or within a week/month/year. She (He) is developed continually as you learn and grow, finding what works best for you. 

It’s all about you sis, I’m just here to help! My 3-part workout plan is different from what you’re used to! However, although it looks nice and sweet; just like me it is fierce, and a force to be reckoned with! Dealing with me, you’re not only bound to see results; you’ll change your life!


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